Not all supports are equal.

Obviously, the phrase “protect the back line” has its advantages in terms of the fact that off-tanks will protect the supports or DPS will specifically seek out certain targets that attack the supports. 
Given the above, it is necessary to know that not all supports are equal. In the same way as tanks with desame, support can seriously counter a certain hero. Understanding when you are contrasted and when you need to change the hero is very important compared to the team’s accusations that you die every 20 seconds.
Main notes: 
1. Zen and Ana are the easiest goals for a dive in the game. They have the smallest mobility among physicians, which makes them the main target for flankers. Doomfist can easily kill Zenyatta in one combo, dive tanks can make a nightmare for both supports (since they are treated at a distance and will often be away from battles), for this reason they are the main targets. If you often die of fencerow, it is not necessary to yell at your DPS with requests to take McCree and sit with you as a baby, or ask Zarya constantly give you a bubble. There are many supports that are not only more mobile (Lucio, Mercy, Moira), but there are those doctors who can boast of their very good protection against attackers (Brigitte, Baptiste).
2. Mercy is able to restore a LOT of health. However, not all treatment matters. It’s hard for me to understand the opinion of my friend who is one trick to Mercy. I often hear “I lose all the time, but in every game I heal ~30-40% of the damage! I always have a gold medal for healing!”. I think you do not understand that the words of support “I healed X health” is equivalent to the words of DPS “I Have a gold medal for damage.” This statistic is not as important as team fights work differently. And Yes, you can heal every bullet that hit the allies, and keep everyone at the maximum, but certain types of treatment can be more important against different heroes. Anyway, you play the support, who is able to heal only one target at a time (Mercy or Zen), on a support who can heal in the field (Moira, Lucio, Baptiste) or on the support with the possibility of instant healing (Ana, Brigitte). Each of them heals allies in different ways. Different methods should be applied depending on what damage your team receives.
3. Know when you need a certain type of ability or ultimate. Not all superpowers and skills of supports are the same. Transcendence and Sound Barrier are powerful protective abilities. Nanoboost Ana and Baptists Matrix are more aggressive ultimate and may not be suitable for your team in the battle, despite the fact that you have “a lot of healing.” There are also times when you need a can of Ana to punish aggressive tanks from the enemy team or a Discord to kill the enemy, which gives your entire team a headache. Just telling your team about your medal of healing doesn’t protect you when allies ask you to switch heroes.
Supports are a kind of chess when it comes to combinations or team composition. A simple choice of some support does not release you from the need to change the character at some point for the sake of winning allies, and a gold medal for treatment is as useless as a gold medal for damage.

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