Let’s start with the first question: What is a Bunker? Composition is a defensive strategy used to fully hold or powerfully delay an enemy team. There are several variants of this composition, but the two main components are Bastion and Orisa. Composition exists, how Blizzard presented the game Orisa, but Baptiste revived this tactic with his coming.


The reason for the return of this meta is the arsenal of Baptist. It includes the Field of Immortality, a protective circle that does not allow the level of health to fall below 20%. Previously, players did not use the Bunker so often for one reason. Orisa’s shield was not so effective in protecting the team, as it covered only a small part of the area in which the whole composition was located. With Batiste and Orisa players were able to cover a large area in which the team is located. This allows them to defend allies inside the “bunker”, making the destruction of the Bastion and other heroes inside a difficult task for the enemy.

Another popular healer in this strategy is Ana, as her Biotic Grenade is able to easily cure allies inside the bunker and is very effective when used on opponents who are trying to break shields. In some cases, players use together with Orisa and Baptiste also Winston. Winston is able to set up a barrier that gives 360 degree protection, which can help against enemies like Farrah.

Teams usually have a Bunker in positions with small rooms behind. For example, LA Gladiators used this strategy on the map of Paris (picture in post)


The Gladiators have set up a bunker here for several reasons. First, here they are very well protected. They have a quick way to retreat in case the Seoul Dynasty tries to attack them abruptly. Secondly, a small room is a good Choke, so if Seoul decide to attack, the Gladiators will be able to drive them into a corner and quickly deal with them. And the last reason is a good overview at this point, which leaves the enemy only a couple of positions for a covert attack on Gladiators.

However, there are ways to completely destroy the Bunker. Seoul Dynasty coped with this task thanks to the attack on enemies from above and intense damage to the shields of the enemy, then Fits slashed enemies with a dragon Blade on Genji. However, the key to victory was Sombra, on which played Michelle. Sombra jumped straight to the Gladiators with the help of Translocator and activated EMP, thereby removing all abilities that Gladiators could use for protection.

Blizzard hasn’t released the latest patch in the Overwatch League yet, but after strengthening Orisa and Batista, maybe we’ll see more of this song among professionals.

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