Play and win. How to win more matches in competitive?

Hello guys, this is ArrowBoost team! Playing Overwatch is fun, but what can gift you more pleasure than win? It very good addition to your game experience isn’t it? In this arcticle we want to raise up the question how to win more, especially that you are facing not only your own problems, but communication, teamcomps and pressure of your teammate. It may distract and fear you so we show 3 easiest tips how to handle with it.
Mistakes matter.
First of all we want to start that its not bad to loose in any match, but players usually playing on autopilot and without thinking about their mistakes. That may tilt players and incredibly increase chances to loose this match. How to avoid it? Just try to analyze in real time, think about every death and how you could avoid it. Maybe you lost focus or played a bit risky? Like you decide to get enemy widow by your soldier on big distance. When you analyze your mistakes you can immediately fix your mistakes and win in total. Just don’t loose focus on YOUR game.
Information – best weapon
Don’t forgot to check enemy team by pressing tab, that can give you a lot information about positions and combos of enemy team. If you are playing by flanker like Sombra you can get tons of information about positioning enemy team and, especially, about enemies that made mistakes with their rotating or positioning. By using communication you can easily to create hole in their defence or attack and win the game by yourself.
Think about and select the best strategy.
Don’t try to play only heroes you usually play, change and evolve your heropool. Why? This will help you be more flexible in choosing team strategy and adapting to enemy comp. Be open to suggestions from your mates. The quality of your mechanics is not always required of you, sometimes you need to be tricky. That can easily provide win for you by using your mind power.

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