How to utilize D.Vas Micromissiles better

Hello guys, this is ArrowBoost team! Today we want to talk about D.Va’s micromissiles.
Often players using D.Va’s micromissiles without much thought about their effeciency. So we want to share with you some tips that will increase impact from this very
1. Don’t spam your missiles on readiness. Don’t waste it to tagets standing far away and which easier to heal. The effective range of this skill around 5m. Try to keep your ability like a joker up your sleeve, that means if you not sure that you can kill target for your opening burst – save it.
2. Micromisseles combo. You can use it while you using your boosters and iniciating the fight. You can cancel your boosters with melee, that will aditionaly deal 30 dmg. so boosters+micromissels+melee can deal around 200 damage that can easily kill any squishy target. We want to point out that a push with a hand strike combination should not be used constantly. The main thing is to hit the target and not lose sight of it.
3. Micromissles don’t have critical damage, so better to aim to biggest hitbox of your target.
4. When you try to dive target that staying at highround, don’t use your missiles too early, cause big part of your rockets can miss.
5. Not worth it to use your missiles for destroying enemy shields, an exception – case when main idea of your teamcomp is destroying shields. In another cases better to save your misseles for better opportunities.
6. The Winston shield is an exception. You should always to use it against. At all your rockets very effective against big target like Winston, Wrecking ball and enemy D.Va.
7. Also you should use micromissiles against small targets too, cause they are doing 4 damage as splash or 3 damage as direct hit, that can force heroes like tracer use their save cooldowns and make her play passive as example.
8. Use your missiles, when you covering ulting heroes (like reaper, phara) with matrix. It will help your team to kill them faster.

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