The Official top list of custom workshop modes

The Official top list of custom workshop modes
Hello, ArrowBoost team greets you! Today Jeff Kaplan shared with community the official statistics of the most popular modes of the “Workshop”. Lets go!
The  statistics was collected in NA, EU and KR regions. For example in America and Europe players have similar tastes, adaptation of the board game UNO (link WMVZC) with 1370h played by players takes first place, the absolute champion is followed by the game “Floor is a lava” (link 9DFF3) with 1246hrs and closes the top 3 mode “McCree hot potato” (link 9J4NE) with 1048 hrs played.  We want to note an interesting feature of these regions, there are tons of aim training modes and only one version of UNO.
Korean player have different tasties. There, the players spent the most time in the “High Blood Pressure Marathon” mode (BJFYV code) – the ability of the heroes is restored instantly, the ults last infinitely and full of other insane elements. The next most popular ones are “RPG” (code XSC7P) and “Stones of Infinity” (NMJZD).

Full list of custom modes you can find there

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