Overwatch is a franchise, so there will be not only one game

The president of Blizzard entertainment J. Allen Brack gave an interview to Game Informer and he stated that Blizzard is planning to make more games over the existing universes of Blizzard and creating new franchises.

«We already said that now we have more games in development than ever,” Brack said. – More than in the entire history of the company. We believe that in the framework of existing IP there can be many different games. If you take, for example, the Overwatch franchise, then we present it as incredibly large and comprehensive.

Overwatch – a game that people are playing now – this is just a small part of what a franchise can become. Warcraft was originally a real-time strategy, then a huge MMO appeared, then Hearthstone was released, and there were other projects that did not see the light, for example, the Warcraft Adventures quest. We think that many of these franchises have the potential for games of different genres that give different gaming experiences. At the same time, between the announcement of Diablo (at that time it was the last franchise that we had) and the release of Overwatch 18 years passed. This is quite a long time without new IP. So we want to make more games on existing franchises, and also think about new universes.»


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