PTR analysis, may 23

Hello, ArrowBoost team greets you! We want to talk a bit about last PTR patch, and new options you might obtain by resources provided with it. Lets go!

Blizzard for the last 2 patches gifted us 2 great tools for training your own skills. Starting with workshop with tons of fun and aim training maps and, we received so much long waited replay system – new tool that will bring you option of analyzing of your own mistakes in real competitive matches, details of mechanical execution and the way to improve your performance in multiple ways

Also, touching the balance topic – we were introduced with highlights of current ptr patch with D.VA matrix nerf and McCree Primary fire recovery buff. Have you ever felt frustrated when DVA covers your target with her matrix from kilometers? Yes? No more! DVA matrix length will be nerfed from 15 to 10 meters, and our boosting team thinks it will cause a huge impact putting DVA as tank abit in terms of GO TO value, but will make it current pro meta going from GOATS to Bunker or another comps though? Time will show. Another big change – McCree Primal fire recovery buff from 0.5 to 0.4, seems like slightly buffed left click for him, but that is not at all. It is huge … no, rther MONUMENTAL impact to your performance if you are McCree main, because damage output is going to increase by 20%, but it will now finally catch up with other soloed dps, such as soldier, in comparison to distance damaging. All pros and huge streamers shout -ITS BROKEN and we do agree to them. That feel like you are having not a revolver in your hands, but a minigun.This much damage output, if blizz not change it, will make our cowboy become must pick at least in a ranked ladder game sense. Also Blizz slighty upped baptiste with 10 to 12 healing nades, that will buff bunker setups with more sustain stability to healing, and last but not least they buffed amplification matrix duration from 8 to 10 seconds, that will increase all bursts of bunker or pirate ship comps, that can slighlty increase their winrate. Especially in the background of Orisa buff, that allows her to reload while she is replacing her shield, ehich will slightly increase her spam potential. But all these buffs may be denied by torb right click nerf, from 12.5 per pellet to 10.5 that total possible damage into body lowered from 125 to 105 (16%) so torb becomes more vulnerable for melee comps or heroes, but the main issue – all these damage nerfs make torb have less ults for the whole game.

What else might we have here?

Finally blizz started working on assault (2cp) mode problem, huge changes awaits – Blizzard lowered time reward for capturing point A from 4 to 3 min. Our team believes that it will change game pace abit, making assault maps more funny. Decreasing maximum respawn time upon loosing point A to 3.5sec for those who are dead or died shortly after, makes point A not so easy prey for attacking team with first pushes.

That’s all for now about current ptr patch changes, hopefully they are bringing game balance for better – which we are indeed believe into, and 100% sure we are excited about replays coming into a play.

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That’s it for today folks!

Sincerely yours – ArrowBoost team.

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