E-Sport Event – “Skins in the game”

6 days ago Blizzard announces new Overwatch League event – Skins in the game. Starting from May 27 and ending May 31. Everyone who playing Quickplay or Competitive match with his favorite Overwatch League team skin. (All stars skins are not counts) There is important – you must to stay with it till match end, but it will not affects if you decide to change hero if game situation will require it. Main rule – you need to have at least 1 minute of gameplay with that skin in current match. Everytime you play it, the team to which this skin belongs receives a point. At the end of week, blizzard counts all points nd at May 31 the team with the most points gets bragging rights and take over the Overwatch League Instagram account. Don’t worry if you can’t participate in this event, blizzard announces that they want to repeat this event 15–21. The more information about this event you can find on official overwatchleague page. We are all editorial support for San Francisco shock and whom will you support?

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