How boosting has a healthy influence to the game

How to learn faster? Play against the strongest! When you order boosting you skip a lot of problems starting from fortnite kids and ending by tilted people. There is extremely rare when tilted people have a great underperfoming on high ranks, because their skills are more subconscious in this level of play and emothions affect lesser to that. As exaple learning how to play on low ranks can take tens of hours, while on high ranks it takes much more lesser. Why? Your mistakes matters there more. This is what makes the learning process so effective.From another side – playing against booster is your great change to learn new ways of understanding the game. Just imagine you can learn what is your position is most difficult for your opponent the first item is positioning. While you playing against booster you can see his movement and copy that and to counteract this, you can work out your ideas of counter-movement reducing the chances of winning a booster. To win, boosters often using voice chat. It is examples of perfect combinations of ultimates that increase their chances of winning. This is significant of winning. Also you can see examples of perfect aiming and ability usage, that you can to copy too. Play hard, work hard, win more.

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