The main key to victory

Hello! this is ArrowBoost team, today we want to explain you whats the main key to victory! Overwatch is diffucult and complex game with thousands of small keys from win starting from comps and ending by your movement style is there main key to win? Yes it is.
Overwatch offering you much heroes with various play styles like fast speed – fast kill tracer or big boy with big shield – reinhardt so whom you need to choose?
Lets divide all heroes for 4 categories: Offence, Defence, Tank and supports.

  1. Offence heroes – if you feel adrenaline in your veins its your choose, heroes like tracer, doomfist, genji, widow and hanzo is your choice it will provide you pure dps do your enemies beat down your enemy!
  2. Defence heroes its also dpses but with more passive gameplay like soldier or mccree, heroes that can control battlefield and interrupt enemy engages, probably every dps hero can choose this playstyle but others suits more for it.
  3. Tanks heroes – want to make more space for your team? Create situations when enemy have no another option then loose? This heroes definitely suits for you
  4. Supports – its easy, want to save your team from enemy ultimates or provide great assistance to your dpses? Don’t think that supports not important part of the game, the meta creats around it. Like goats, this is main reason why they appeared, briggite provides huge sustain and great amount of healing, thats why supports so important for Overwatch

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