Rules of ArrowBoost service

Hello everyone, this is ArrowBoost team, today we want to show you our backstage, cause we proud how we working there.
Time and safiety.
First of all, our administrators goal is your time, we are belive that time of our clients worth more. Lets imagine you placing and order during seconds after your request at site or another ways of contact administrators welcoms you and ready to talk with you about details of your order. We as experienced service offer all possible ways of compliting your order. Especially we are sensitive to your schedule. Professinal. Fast. Without any compromises we offer you best expirience for compliting your order. After making a deal, administrator always asking you about your country, that important for your safiety. Our service stands on the edge of security technologies and we making everything possible (and impossible!) to make your boost smooth and safe. For blizzard it will be like you playing the game. Let’s go for next step
Execution of your order.
After making a deal, booster get info about specifications of your order, your country and account details, then he log in to your account next 5 maximum 10 mins and starting work until it will be done. Our work is alwyas manual. Boosters always flexible to your schedule and if you want to play with your friends during order completion we always can to stop it until you play. For orders below 3500 we have strict time window – 24h or we making free 100 pts to your order. Your time for us worth more. Once your order completed you immediately get info about that.
Happy customer.
ArrowBoost guarantee you that if something happens with your account during boost you get new free OW account with also free boost +200 pts. Also Boosters are top500\semi-pro players thats provide private streams for our customers and as every competitive players they like to share our own expirience with you, cause more good players make game healthy isnt’it? So boost done, you saw our gameplay and get good rating with new knowledge and now you challenge other players with new your skills and expirience. And as known OW streamer says – LETS GO DUDE 🙂

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